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Thalassery Pincode / Post Office Search (KANNUR, Kerala)

Alacherry B.O 670650ThalasseryKerala
Ambayathode B.O 670651ThalasseryKerala
Angadikadavu B.O 670706ThalasseryKerala
Aniyaram B.O 670672ThalasseryKerala
Anjarakandy S.O 670612ThalasseryKerala
Aralam B.O 670704ThalasseryKerala
Aralam Farm B.O 670673ThalasseryKerala
Atakkathode B.O 670674ThalasseryKerala
Chalil S.O 670102ThalasseryKerala
Champad S.O 670694ThalasseryKerala
Charal B.O 670706ThalasseryKerala
Chavasseri B.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Chendayad B.O 670692ThalasseryKerala
Cherakkara S.O 670104ThalasseryKerala
Cheruparamba B.O 670693ThalasseryKerala
Cheruvancheri B.O 670650ThalasseryKerala
Chokli S.O 670672ThalasseryKerala
Chunkakunnu B.O 670651ThalasseryKerala
Edapuzha B.O 670704ThalasseryKerala
Edayannur S.O 670595ThalasseryKerala
Elampara B.O 670595ThalasseryKerala
Elangot B.O 670692ThalasseryKerala
Eranholi S.O 670107ThalasseryKerala
Eruvatty B.O 670642ThalasseryKerala
Iritty S.O 670703ThalasseryKerala
Kacherikadavu B.O 670706ThalasseryKerala
Kadavathur S.O 670676ThalasseryKerala
Kadirur-tly S.O 670642ThalasseryKerala
Kakkengad B.O 670673ThalasseryKerala
Kallikandy B.O 670693ThalasseryKerala
Kanhileri B.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Kanichar B.O 670674ThalasseryKerala
Kannoth B.O 670650ThalasseryKerala
Kariyad South S.O 673316ThalasseryKerala
Kavumbhagam B.O 670649ThalasseryKerala
Kayani B.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Keecheri B.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Keezhpalli B.O 670704ThalasseryKerala
Kelakam S.O 670674ThalasseryKerala
Kezhallur B.O 670612ThalasseryKerala
Kidanhi B.O 670675ThalasseryKerala
Kiliyanthara S.O 670706ThalasseryKerala
Kolakkad B.O 670673ThalasseryKerala
Kolari B.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Kolayad B.O 670650ThalasseryKerala
Koodali S.O 670592ThalasseryKerala
Koomanthode B.O 670704ThalasseryKerala
Koorara B.O 670694ThalasseryKerala
Kottayampoil B.O 670691ThalasseryKerala
Kottiyur S.O 670651ThalasseryKerala
Kurichiyil B.O 670102ThalasseryKerala
Kuthuparamba S.O 670643ThalasseryKerala
Madathil B.O 670703ThalasseryKerala
Malayampadi B.O 670674ThalasseryKerala
Mallannur B.O 670701ThalasseryKerala
Malur B.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Manantheri B.O 670643ThalasseryKerala
Manathana B.O 670674ThalasseryKerala
Mangattidam B.O 670643ThalasseryKerala
Mattanur S.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Mekkunnu B.O 670675ThalasseryKerala
Melmuringodi B.O 670673ThalasseryKerala
Melur-tly B.O 670661ThalasseryKerala
Mokeri B.O 670692ThalasseryKerala
Mooriyad B.O 670643ThalasseryKerala
Moozhikkara B.O 670103ThalasseryKerala
Mudiyanga B.O 670691ThalasseryKerala
Muzhakunnu B.O 670673ThalasseryKerala
Naduvanad B.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Narikkodmala B.O 670693ThalasseryKerala
Nedumpoil B.O 670650ThalasseryKerala
Neerveli B.O 670701ThalasseryKerala
New Mahe S.O 673311ThalasseryKerala
Nirmalagiri S.O 670701ThalasseryKerala
Pachapoika B.O 670643ThalasseryKerala
Palaparamba B.O 670701ThalasseryKerala
Palayad S.O 670661ThalasseryKerala
Panniyannur B.O 670671ThalasseryKerala
Panoor S.O 670692ThalasseryKerala
Paral S.O 670671ThalasseryKerala
Parapram B.O 670741ThalasseryKerala
Pathayakunnu S.O 670691ThalasseryKerala
Pathiriyad B.O 670741ThalasseryKerala
Pattanur B.O 670595ThalasseryKerala
Payam East B.O 670704ThalasseryKerala
Payam S.O 670704ThalasseryKerala
Peravoor S.O 670673ThalasseryKerala
Peringadi S.O 673312ThalasseryKerala
Peringathur S.O 670675ThalasseryKerala
Perinkeri B.O 670706ThalasseryKerala
Perumpunna B.O 670673ThalasseryKerala
Perundattil B.O 670107ThalasseryKerala
Peruva B.O 670650ThalasseryKerala
Pinarayi S.O 670741ThalasseryKerala
Ponniam B.O 670641ThalasseryKerala
Ponniam West S.O 670641ThalasseryKerala
Poolakutty B.O 670650ThalasseryKerala
Porora B.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Poyilur B.O 670693ThalasseryKerala
Pukkot-kba B.O 670691ThalasseryKerala
Puliyanambram B.O 670675ThalasseryKerala
Pullookkara B.O 670672ThalasseryKerala
Punnad B.O 670703ThalasseryKerala
Punnol B.O 670102ThalasseryKerala
Puthur-panoor B.O 670692ThalasseryKerala
Randamkadavu B.O 670706ThalasseryKerala
Sankaranellur B.O 670643ThalasseryKerala
Santhigiri B.O 670674ThalasseryKerala
Sivapuram B.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Temple Gate S.O 670102ThalasseryKerala
Thalassery H.O 670101ThalasseryKerala
Thillenkeri B.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Tholambra B.O 670673ThalasseryKerala
Thondiyil B.O 670673ThalasseryKerala
Thuvakunnu S.O 670693ThalasseryKerala
Tiruvangad S.O 670103ThalasseryKerala
Uliyil B.O 670702ThalasseryKerala
Ummenchira S.O 670649ThalasseryKerala
Vadakkumbad B.O 670105ThalasseryKerala
Vayalalam B.O 670671ThalasseryKerala
Vayannur B.O 670650ThalasseryKerala
Veerpad B.O 670704ThalasseryKerala
Velimanam B.O 670704ThalasseryKerala
Vellarvelly B.O 670673ThalasseryKerala
Vellunni B.O 670674ThalasseryKerala
Vengad B.O 670612ThalasseryKerala
Vilakkode B.O 670703ThalasseryKerala
Vilakkottur B.O 670693ThalasseryKerala

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.