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Religious Places in Thalassery

Thallassery is one of the oldest British towns in India. This historic village is located 21 km from Kannur in north Kerala. Blessed with abundant natural attractiveness, the place comprises of many attractive small hills, streams and a number of breathtaking cliffs along with an astonishing long coastline. Some of the religious spots in Thalassery include:

Sree Jagannath Temple Thalassery

Sree Gnanodayayogam, the famous communal organization of North Malabar and the ruling body of Sree Jagannath Temple, Thalassery, was consecrated in 1908 by his Holiness Sree Narayana Guru, in light of centennial celebrations. Sree Varadur Kunhi Kannan travelled to Guru Dev in December 1904 and suggested that Thiyya Community should have a Temple in Thalassery.

Sree Narayana Guru Dev permitted Varadur to ask for Kumaran Asan as his representative, and to convene meetings with citizens to ascertain the feasibility of a Temple for the community. Kumaran Asan, who was residing in Bangalore, accepted the request and on his arrival the first meeting was convened at ‘Parambath house’ of Sree Cheruvari Shirastadar on July 1905. The temple is open to persons of all casts; during the period where there was gigantic caste discrimination prevalent in the society.

Sree Andaloor Kavu Thalassery

Andaloor kavu is well renowned for the variety of theyyams, the ancient ceremonial of North-Kerala. It is believed to be the earliest Buddhist shrine in Kerala. During the carnival time of the year the whole Dharmadam town acknowledges vegetarian diet, they purchase new utensils, apparel and paint their homes.

Every person will be acknowledged as visitors at homes in Dharmadam throughout the temple feast time of the year, which is furthermore the carnival of the town. The guests will be cordially treated with rice flakes and plantains. Villoppikkal, meyyalu koodal and kuluthattal are some the rituals presented by the men of the town.

Odathil Palli in Thalassery

In the heart of Thalassery stands the 200-year-old Odathil Palli and the flower bed Mosque. The location of the Odathil Palli utilized to be a sugarcane flower bed of the Dutch. It altered hands of the British-owned East India Company. Odathil Palli is a place visited that visitors and travelers arrive to glimpse. The best features of Odathil Palli are that it has the usual Kerala architecture, and it is in the heart of Tellicherry. The crest on the top covering is made of gold. The mosque is still in use for worship today.

Thiruvangad Sree Ramaswami Temple

Sree Ramaswami Temple is dedicated to the Lord Sree Rama, located in Thiruvangad, Thalassery. It is one of the four significant temples dedicated to Lord Sree Rama in Kerala. The other three are at Triprayar, Kadalur and Thiruvilluamala. It is located on an increased plot of 2.75 hectares with an adjacent to temple container renowned as Chira which expands over an area of one hectare. This temple has very good wood carvings, mural paintings carved on timber planks in the upper surfaces and terracota art work.

Juma Masjid in Thalassery

Juma Masjid is a 1000 year old mosque, situated close to the Arabian ocean, in Thalassery. It is counted amidst the most beautiful mosques of the Kannur and is believed to have been constructed by Malik Ibn Dinar, an Arab dealer.

English Church Thalassery

The English Church, furthermore known as the St. John's Anglican Church, is believed to be more than 140 years old. The church is located behind the Thalassery Fort and is considered to be one of the first church to be constructed in the Malabar region. Other major religious spots - Catholic Rosary Church, Fisherfolk Temple and Sree Kandeswara Temple

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